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Sports Injury Chiropractor in North Lamar

At North Lamar Chiropractic Care Center, we help athletes who were hurt playing sports recover from injuries, fix the root cause of the injury, and return to the playing field stronger than ever. Learn how our chiropractor in Austin treats sports injuries. 

Don't delay if you have a sports injury. The sooner you see our Austin chiropractor for treatment, the sooner you can heal and get back in the game!

Signs You Need to See a North Lamar Chiropractor for Sports Injury Treatment

If you suffered a bad spill or crash on the field, you will be stiff and sore. Mild muscle strain, neck pain, and back pain may go away on their own after a couple of days of rest and ice. Yet if the stiff and sore feelings do not go away after a couple of days, it might be time to think about seeing an Austin and Pflugerville chiropractor. 

If you find that injuries have reduced your range of motion so you cannot perform without feeling pain, you should come to our chiropractor in North Lamar for sports injury treatment. Pain that occurs when you make a specific motion, such as a golf swing, indicates repetitive strain issues. Until the underlying muscle weakness and imbalance is fixed, and you are shown proper form, you will keep experiencing this pain. It's better for your body to seek treatment now. 

Our chiropractor can help with muscle strains, muscle sprains, ligament tears, and injuries to your neck, back, shoulders, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet. 

How Our North Lamar Chiropractor Treats Sports Injuries

When you come to our North Lamar and Pflugerville chiropractor complaining of back pain or neck pain after a sports injury, we start with a thorough examination of your spine. Sports injuries frequently push the spine out of alignment, causing pain and muscle tension. As our chiropractor uses instruments to return the spine to its proper alignment and length, your muscles will relax and your pain levels will decrease. 

We may suggest physical medicine procedures to help you reduce discomfort and pain. Therapy brings fresh blood to muscle tissue, cleaning out toxins and reducing inflammation naturally. Plus, therapy also helps you relax - which is beneficial when you are stressed from being unable to play your favorite sport! 

Chiropractic adjustments boost your nervous system health, reduce pain and inflammation, and give your muscles a chance to recover. Once your underlying musculoskeletal issues are fixed, our Austin chiropractor will demonstrate stretches and strengthening exercises. These help you correct muscle imbalances and form issues that lead to repetitive strain injuries like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. 

Our lifestyle advice for athletes helps you adopt good wellness habits that will prevent you from getting injured and help you live in wellness.

Have You Had a Recent Sports Injury? Contact our North Lamar and Austin Chiropractor Today!

Don't delay if you were hurt playing sports. The sooner you start treatment with an Austin chiropractor for sports injuries, the sooner you will heal and the less scar tissue you will carry. To make your first appointment, call us today at 512-835-1955 or complete the appointment request form on our website. 

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